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PHP MYSQL Code Generator

An instant and smart PHP code generator, With absolute zero knowledge of coding the wizard can generate for you
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31 May 2010

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PHP coding is often found to be a cumbersome task for web developers and the complexity of this type of coding can go to any level. If you go by the traditional means, then the development of a web application using data from a database application requires the investment of loads of time and money, and thus leads to delay in the overall web development cycle. If you want to create and generate PHP codes in a fast and convenient manner, then PHP MYSQL Code Generator v.1.5.1 is certainly going to help you at such tasks with the combination of a variety of power packed features that does the entire coding work related to web application development with inputs from MySQL database.

PHP MYSQL Code Generator v.1.5.1, unlike many other web database applications, provides you direct features for sharing the source codes developed with the help of this tool as your own work. The end user of this application would be able to view, sort, search, modify and delete records from MySQL database using the application created with PHP MYSQL Code Generator v.1.5.1. Some of the advanced features that the program wizard offers include completely customizable visual appearance, specify user entries validation rules, provide lookup functions for columns, advanced options for security, various multitasking abilities and much more. With the help of this application, user can generate multiple web projects with ease. Inside the program, you will find a number of in-built templates which are ready for integration in the applications and also provides functionalities for linking multiple pages properly.

To conclude with, PHP MYSQL Code Generator v.1.5.1 is a nice program for generation of source codes PHP web application development with a variety of exclusive features, leading it to score three and a half rating points on the scale of five.

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PHP MySQL Wizard is an instant and smart PHP code generator, With absolute zero knowledge of coding the wizard can generate for you a functional web application driven from your own MySQL database, saving you hours of tedious programming. Through the generated application both administrator and users will be able to view, search, sort , edit and delete records from your MySQL Database . The wizard has many friendly and easy to use features such as: fully customizable appearance of the generated application (select or create your own style) ; Set validation rule for user entries (MIN or MAX range, special character checking); Custom error alerts, Ability to set Lookup columns (to handle foreign keys) ; Advanced security option Try your free Non expiring demo version now to experience how easily and quick the wizard interface can generate for you a quality work in just a few clicks.
PHP MYSQL Code Generator
PHP MYSQL Code Generator
Version 1.5.1
Free Download

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